Rob Moir

Rob Moir aka ChevyPop is a believer in blockchain technology and its impact on art, culture, and the institutional world. He has worked to build a reputation in the Web3 community as an art collector, advocate for creator sovereignty, and a builder of future Web3 platforms. He is the founder of Citrus (, an advisor to The Crypt Gallery, King of Midtown Brands, and S1C ( He is also an owner of 3’s Company in the BIG3 Basketball League. His interest in art ranges from abstract, street and fashion photography, and 3D. He believes that artists like Yanis (Ethik Design), who continue to push the boundaries of blockchain technology, are the catalysts for driving innovation in Web3. He also really likes fashion and blowing leaves off his backyard. His two Vizslas are named Chevy and Poppy.

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